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Golden A/S is a reliable and professional partner for customers operating
Co-operation with Golden A/S is a partnership based on deep knowledge
and experience in marine electrical and automation systems. Our
experience has been accumulated over the past 25 years of our company’s
exclusive activity, in maritime industry.


Nikos G. Polykandriotis

Owner and Co-founder of Golden A/S

I studied Physics since I always wanted to explore the way everything works and lives around us. I always wanted to know the answers deep inside the science of Physics seeking a way to ideally put science into action to create beautiful, unique, and advanced technology.

This has been my drive since my very first steps in science, while I was studying. At the same time, with my Father George we created the field that allowed us to do what I always loved. He showed me the correct way; the way of hard work, study and being together and close to your team.

I worked on top of all systems on a ship and a yacht.
My love for yachting was instant and I enjoyed riding on the edge of technology.

We have a Team, working constantly on leading edge technology improving not only the quality of our work and products but being capable of ensuring advanced and unique results.

We dare to be innovators all the way from design, production, installation to after sales support.

We share a common vision; to bring to the yachting industry:

• New Working Standards
• High Quality products at an affordable cost
• Integration of latest technological improvements in
every single system of a yacht.
• Design of the future of the industry

Could we contribute something in this area?
Could we make systems work better, more efficient, safer?
Could we move beyond the obvious?
In Golden we can!

Our pride and only concern is to provide high quality services ensuring satisfaction and safe sailing to our customers.

In this effort, our customers are our partners in business who we share the same vision with.

In Golden we go beyond the obvious because we can!

“If you deconstruct Greece, you will in the end see an olive tree, a grapevine, and a boat remain. That is, with as much, you reconstruct her.”

Odysseas Elytis

Our History

Golden A/S was founded in 1989. Golden A/S produces and develops automation systems for Marine and Industrial Applications. In 1998, we first introduced our own automation software platform E-Ship2000, for marine control and monitoring applications. E-Ship2000 was handling up to 2048 I/Os per server and it could be integrated in an unlimited number of servers. Until 2002, we supported most of industrial bus protocols including Modbus, TCP/IP and various proprietary protocols.

In 2003, Golden A/S became a member of CiA (CAN in Automation) organization. CiA is an International organization responsible for the development and standardization of
specifications using CAN, organizing the exchange of information between the CAN experts and those who wanted to obtain more knowledge on CAN technology

In 2007, Golden A/S became a member of ETG (EtherCAT Technology Group) and at the same time E-Ship2000 V2.0 (supports up to 7500 I/O), released and approved as an integrated system. Our membership in ETG is our latest effort to integrate our knowledge on CANopen over EtherCAT technology (CoE), enriching by this way our
Hardware Platform with the latest technology in the Industrial Ethernet.
Today we try to improve our bussiness status by finding new ways to integrate ours and our customer’s knowledge & experience in our products. Today CANbus is widely used in marine applications. CANbus is the solution provided by the majority of the Marine Engine Manufacturers. The National Maritime Electronics Association (NMEA organization), introduced the new NMEA2000 protocol as the communication protocol between Navigation Equipment and Instrumentation. NMEA2000 is based on CANbus.

Tomorrow we dream to be more innovative. We expect our satisfied customers to help us achieving our goals. For Golden A/S every single customer is a unique, valuable partner!


A high-quality product and service is guaranteed through our well implemented ISO9001:2015 certification and our long-term co-operation with classification societies and customers worldwide.

Golden Automation Systems is an active member in several International Organizations for the Standardization of innovative technologies in the maritime industry.

Golden Automation Systems is committed to providing quality services and products, which consistently meet the requirements of its customers.



Design / Development / Manufacturing and Servicing of Automation and Power systems / in the Marine Industry


Sales and Servicing of Power systems in the Aviation Industry



We invest in people to strengthen their capabilities and push industry boundaries.


We promote a corporate culture and strive for technical excellence and innovation.


We provide high quality custom made solutions.


Our benefit to success is a well-organized and equipped Research and Development department, which complies with International Standards for design and development of Software and Hardware Products.

Today we strive to improve ourselves, by inventing ways to integrate our knowledge and customer requirements, in new and exciting products.

We envision an innovative future whilst satisfying the unique requirements of our dedicated customers.

Our effort is focused, consistent, intelligent & passionate.