Power Generation

Our company provides complete electrical engineering design, integration, manufacturing and servicing of Marine Power Management Systems. We design various configurations of generators driven by diesel engines, steam turbines, shaft generators, Shore Power Systems and Fuel Cells. The user interface is simplified by means of interactive graphic pictures locally or via the remote operating stations.

Power Management Systems

DEIF’s PPM-3 is a market-leading Power Management System (PMS) suitable for a broad range of marine applications.


E – Switchboard

E-SWITCHBOARD™ is designed and manufactured by Golden Automation Systems. Thanks to its compact size and speedy delivery time it is an ideal product for the industry’s electrical protection and distribution needs. It is a product designed exclusively for the yachting Industry.


Motor Control Centers

Golden A/S Motor Control Centers eMCC™ innovative features and configurations have been developed to protect equipment and improve human interaction and safety, adding value and peace of mind to your projects.


Shore Power Systems

4C Innovation Automatic Cable Reel enables to wind up to 30 meters of shore power cable, distributing it homogeneously on the reel, avoiding knot dangerous for the system.
The safety of the boat and the crew are guaranteed by the manual connection from the shore power to the electrical system of the boat.
Three security systems guarantee the entirety of the cable, of the socket and the on board electrical system.


Battery Banks & Power Boosting

Delivering a true dynamic system with bi-directional connectivity.


Load Bank

Golden A/S provide a range of delivery and installation options, support services, and accessories to complement their rental packages. You can choose to have equipment installed for self-operation, operated by Golden A/S, or simply delivered to site.


DC Systems

Golden A/S will design a sophisticated, redundant system to meet the requirements of the vessel operator. From conventional DC Systems to modern Hybrid distribution systems. Our systems and products are approved by major Classification Societies.