Safety Systems

Golden Automation Systems as a full solutions provider will support you with a
comprehensive range of services from product development, consulting and
planning through to programming, installation and maintenance. Support for
your lighting design concept where needed from luminaire systems and light
application conceptions, adjustmens & measurements to visualization of lighting
solution projects.

Control & Monitoring Systems

E-Ship2000 is intended for automatic monitoring and control applications on sea-going vessels, V3.0 of the platform is designed to meet the latest requirements of major classification societies, for periodically unmanned engine rooms.


Fire Detection Systems

Based on the popular Syncro AS single and two loop analogue addressable fire control panel, the Syncro ASM is certified with a host of classification societies and is Marine Equipment Directive approved.


Signal Column System

In need of modern signal columns but not the associated high engineering and installation costs? With our new signal column, the installation costs can be reduced by up to 80 percent.


PA Systems

The SPA-400-V2 is part of the SPA-V2 series public address and general alarm system that combines quality and value. The SPA-V2 is an improved second generation system of the version that has been installed in thousands of marine vessels around the world. The basic functionality module can support a single, non-redundant system and is delivered as a 19″ rack which contains the main board, plus minimum one amplifier and optional functions.


Bilge Control & Monitoring Systems

Simple/effective remote monitoring of bilge water.


Talk Back

CIS Talk-Back System comes from the Phontech range of product acquired from Jotron by Zenitel in October 2018. Its design is very compact, and the performance is enhanced through the use of microprocessor techniques. It is designed according to DIN 144 standard sizes, harmonizing with our other models for console mounting.


Navigation Lighting

4C Innovation’s Navigation Led lights do not require additional devices for lights control and alarm, because electronics is embedded inside the light. On board is only needed a system to manage the alarm generated by the light itself. This is a real innovation, because all the systems present in the market, try to control the state of the lights by devices installed in the switchboard. With 4C Innovation navigation led lights, you can reduce the time of installation and the wiring inside the switchboard.


Remote Support

Golden Automation Systems developed an innovative Remote Support Platform specifically for the yachting needs. HERMES 2.0 is the ideal basis for securely connecting your machines and systems to the Internet for direct access or via our remote service portal worldwide.


Lightning Rod

(Atmospheric Discharge Protection) System, an integrated charge conveyor which puts Your yacht in safety condition when a lightning storm occurs at sea.

The design of the new lightning rod core, copper made, increase the absorption of lightning dramatically reducing the probability of damages of electric and electronics systems on board. The surface treatment makes the external side resistant to marine environments, extending the life of your system.