Golden A/S is a reliable and professional partner for customers operating worldwide. Co-operation with Golden A/S is a partnership based on deep knowledge and experience in marine electrical and automation systems. Our experience has been accumulated over the past 25 years of our company’s exclusive activity, mainly in maritime industry.

What We DO!

Golden A/S is familiar with almost all types of vessels, from small motor yachts to container ships and oil tankers. Requirements such as:
in a wide range of low to medium voltage electrical equipment, or control and monitoring integrated systems, for use in marine applications, can be provided by our company.
Golden A/S’s product and services, comply with the rules and regulations of all international classification and national maritime authorities. A combination of highly reliable, easy to install equipment to our highly skilled personnel ready to meet our customer’s needs, is the corner-stone of our success.
We offer in detail,
Project Management
Electrical Studies
System Studies
System Modification Studies
System Engineering
System Installation
System Maintenance
Your guarantee of a high quality product and service is our well implemented and operated ISO9001:2015 certificate and our excellent co-operation with classification societies and customers worldwide.
Golden A/S is an active member in several International Organizations for the Standardization of innovative technologies in the maritime industry. Our benefit to success is a well organized and equipped Research and Development department, which complies with the International Standards for the design and development, for both Software and Hardware Products.
Today we try to improve ourselves, by inventing ways to integrate the knowledge of our customers and our‘s, in new products. Tomorrow we would like to be more innovative. Our dedicated customers can help us achieving our goals. For Golden A/S every single customer is a unique, valuable Partner.

Our History

Golden A/S was founded in 1989. Golden A/S produces and develops automation systems for Marine and Industrial Applications. In 1998, we first introduced our own automation software platform E-Ship2000, for marine control and monitoring applications. E-Ship2000 was handling up to 2048 I/Os per server and it could be integrated in an unlimited number of servers. Until 2002, we supported most of industrial bus protocols including Modbus, TCP/IP and various proprietary protocols.

In 2003, Golden A/S became a member of CiA (CAN in Automation) organization. CiA is an International organization responsible for the development and standardization of specifications using CAN, organizing the exchange of information between the CAN experts and those who wanted to obtain more knowledge on CAN technology

In 2007, Golden A/S became a member of ETG (EtherCAT Technology Group) and at the same time E-Ship2000 V2.0 (supports up to 7500 I/O), released and approved as an integrated system. Our membership in ETG is our latest effort to integrate our knowledge on CANopen over EtherCAT technology (CoE), enriching by this way our Hardware Platform with the latest technology in the Industrial Ethernet.

Today we try to improve our bussiness status by finding new ways to integrate ours and our customer’s knowledge & experience in our products. Today CANbus is widely used in marine applications. CANbus is the solution provided by the majority of the Marine Engine Manufacturers. The National Maritime Electronics Association (NMEA organization), introduced the new NMEA2000 protocol as the communication protocol between Navigation Equipment and Instrumentation. NMEA2000 is based on CANbus.

Tomorrow we dream to be more innovative. We expect our satisfied customers to help us achieving our goals. For Golden A/S every single customer is a unique, valuable partner!