Integrated Control and Monitoring Systems

E-Ship2000 V3.0

E-Ship2000 is intended for automatic monitoring and control applications on sea-going vessels, E-Ship2000 V3.0 is designed to meet the latest requirements of major classification societies, for periodically unmanned engine rooms.
E-Ship2000< V3.0 can be:

  • Installed either as a simple Alarm Monitoring System or as a complex Control System, including Process Control and Power Management features.
  • Integrated into several remote stations providing that Ethernet connections are available.
  •  Expanded from 100 to 7500 channels (per server depending on the configuration) by using either the CANbus or the EtherCAT field buses. Distributed Input Output slave panels guarantee quicl< maintenance and troubleshooting.
  • Controlled through specialized windows that provide all required information to the Operator.
  • Supported and serviced by Golden Automation Systems within tight deadlines, worldwide.

System Performance

E-Ship2000 V3.0 has outstanding performance characteristics compared to similar systems of the l<ind. During Class Performance Tests E-Ship2000 V3.0 managed to process simultaneously 7500 alarms in less than 160ms. This proves that even in the worst case scenario your system will not fail!


2 years warranty- 24/7 Technical Support.

A system whose software and hardware is totally  developed and produced in Greece. Applications and functions are always developed in co-operation with experienced users.

Ease of Maintenance

Using the same hardware platforms, for different functions, we reduce the amount of spares required on board and savings are made.

Modular System

E-Ship2000 V3.0 can be easily extended by adding additional hardware units such as operator panels, controllers and 1/0 units. Process control units are designed in such a way that a single failure won’t affect the operation of the entire process control loop.

Operation Service

Our job doesn’t end, when the light is turned on. Operation services such as remote monitoring, maintenance or content management are just part of our service package.

Ease of Operation

In E-ship2000 we have use the latest software technologies in order to achieve easiness of operation for the users.  Process data are represented in various ways in order to be easily and efficiently interpreted.

Industry Standard

We provide several mechanisms for trouble free communication with external systems:

  • ODCB
  • CAN
  • Modbus
  • NMEA

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