Power Management Systems

Golden A/S provides complete electrical engineering design , integration, manufacturing and servicing of Marine Power Management Systems. We can handle various configurations of generators driven by diesel engine, steam turbines, shaft generators, Shore Power Systems and Fuel Cells in combination with switchboards of various complexity. Control is done by the distributed process units, operator interaction is done from interactive graphic pictures on the remote operating stations, or locally from the local operating stations. .

Power Management System Benefits:

  •  High system availability through redundant design.
  •  Operating Safety through simplified User Interfaces.
  •  Cost Effectiveness.
  •  Diesel generator monitoring and control
  •  Diesel engine safety and start/stop
  •  Circuit breaker synchronize & connect
  •  Bus line voltage and frequency control
  •  Generator voltage and frequency control
  •  Generator load in KW and %
  •  Symmetric or asymmetric load sharing
  •  Load control with load shedding
  •  Separation of alarm, control and safety
  •  Single or multiple switchboard control
  •  Heavy consumers logic
  •  Automatic start and connect after blackout
  •  Automatic line frequency adjustment
  •  “Take me home mode”, control of PTI with clutches etc.
  •  “One touch auto sequence”, automatic mode control

Power Management Systems Specifications

Applications -Multiple Gensets
-Auto Mains Failure
-Shore Power Systems Transition
-Fuel Cells
-Shaft Generators
-Ship to Ship Power Transfer Systems
-Heavy Consumer Request
-Non Essential Loads Control
-Standby Start-Stop
Amount of Power Sources Up to 254
Certifications Major Classification Societies

Generator reverse power 2 steps
Generator overcurrent 4 steps
Voltage-dependent overcurrent
Fast overcurrent 2 steps
Generator Overvoltage 2 steps
Generator Undervoltage 3 steps
Generator Overfrequency 3 steps
Generator Underfrequency 3 steps
Bus Overvoltage 3 steps
Bus Undervoltage 4 steps
Bus Overfrequency 3 steps
Bus Underfrequency 3 steps
Generator Overload 5 steps
Current Unbalance
Voltage Unbalance
Loss Of Excitation

Power Management System PMS1: DEIF A/S
PMS5: Custom / 3rd Party
Communication to Alarm and Monitoring Systems CCM1: TCP-Modbus
CCM2: Serial Modbus
CCM3: CANopen
CCM4: Profibus
CCM5: Custom / 3rd Party
VDR Link VDR1: NMEA0183
VDR2: NMEA2000
VDR3: TCP-Modbus

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