Golden A/S is your valuable partner.

Highly trained and qualified personnel

Research and development department with excellent know-how.

A well established Quality Management System.

Management Commitment to Quality

GOLDEN A/S is actively involved in the following areas:

  1. Design & Development, Manufacturing and Servicing of Automation and Power systems for Marine Applications.
  2. Sales and Servicing for Power systems of Aircrafts / Airports & Marinas.

GOLDEN A/S is committed to providing quality services and products, which consistently and continuously meet the requirements of its customers while protecting assets under its care, its employees and the environment in general. This is achieved by establishing and discharging managerial and operational processes, which have emerged from the combination of sound managerial principles and long lasting experience in the automation and power systems.

Company has set the following objectives:

  • To achieve the conformation of its services/products with reference to the valid legislative and regulatory demands of Greece and abroad.
  • To meet customer’s requirements and expectations.
  • To achieve continual improvement.
  • To increase Customers’ satisfaction.

The above are achieved through:

  • The determination and close observation of these aims within the parameters of the supreme administration’s review.
  • The acknowledgement and disposition of all the required resources and means in order to ensure the uninterrupted productivity and effectual functionality of the company.
  • The creation of a technologically advanced, professional and suitable work environment.
  • Maintaining the high standards of the staff.
  • The continuous evaluation and unceasing observation of crucial parameters and processes as to guarantee the quality and security of our facilities, services, products and personnel and
  • The implementation of Quality Management System according to the International Standards Protocol ISO 9001:2015.

All Company employees, are responsible for implementing the Company’s Quality Policy and are instructed to carefully observe the procedures and instructions, to follow them and to contribute to their improvement.

The Company’s Management is fully committed to the above policy and shall ensure that it is understood, implemented and maintained at all levels of the organization. Furthermore, it will monitor and review the policy at regular intervals in order to ensure that it remains relevant and effective.

GOLDEN A/S, Korydallos 12/01/2015

Nikolaos Polykandriotis

General Manager