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Mechanical Design Engineer

Mechanical Design Engineer - JOBID: MDE-190423

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Golden Automation Systems is a reliable and professional partner for customers operating worldwide.

We offer a partnership based on deep knowledge and experience that have been accumulated over the past 32 years of our company’s exclusive activity in marine electrical and automation systems.


Role Summary:

As a Mechanical Design Engineer in an industrial applications company in the marine industry, you will be responsible for all aspects of current and future product design needs, coordinating with contract manufacturers, overseeing and optimizing production and assembly of all Golden A/S products, as well as taking part in R&D initiatives. Successful candidates will have strong design skills, experience with design software, and the ability to work collaboratively with cross-functional teams to provide high-quality deliverables meeting customer needs, business goals and technical constraints, while staying up to date with the latest design trends and technologies.


Duties and Responsibilities:

· Conceptualize and design new prototypes for industrial applications in the marine industry that meet customer needs, business goals and technical constraints

· Provide design expertise and feedback for product development

· Create and maintain product design file, maintaining/updating the product configuration

· Work with suppliers to achieve the best possible product in terms of craftmanship, cost and engineering

· Skilled in the use of solid modeling CAD tools, specifically PTC Creo, for design and drafting.

· Understanding of geometric dimensioning and tolerancing methods and conventions in accordance with ASME 14.5-2009

· Ability to generate required Design documentation including detailed drawings, presentations, design reports, assembly procedures, bills-of-material, test procedures, etc.

· Familiar with Reverse Engineering methods and concepts

· Design in order to achieve the required standard classification (IP rating, EMC restrictions)

· Test and evaluate prototype designs on the abovementioned aspects (structural, operational, assembly, serviceability etc.)

· Coordinate with production in order to optimize the design in terms of assembly, QC, serviceability, budget and availability of standard parts

· Produce mechanical drawings on a good detail level and be able to communicate specific requirements to manufacturers, as well as tracking progress, communicating production issues, etc.

· Estimate costs and assist in budgeting

· Assist in the preparation of processes for assembly, testing and operation

· Assist in vendor evaluation in terms of manufacturing quality

· Prepare documentation either for manufacturing or manuals


Skills and Qualifications:

· Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering

· 2-5 years working experience in relevant field

· Proficient in AutoCAD and PTC Creo software

· Excellent knowledge of generating 3D product designs (preferable PTC Creo)

· Have a good understanding of mechanics and material science

· Adhere to good engineering practice and be knowledgeable on the restrictions of common manufacturing processes (machining, molding, metal forming, 3D printing)

· Detail-oriented with a strong ability to manage multiple projects and priorities

· Strong organization skills to prioritize workload

· Strong analytical skills to evaluate problems/opportunities and drive cost effective solutions

· Strong communication and collaboration skills, with the ability to work effectively with cross-functional teams


Preferred Qualifications:

· Knowledge of basic electrical/electronic engineering for better communication with other team members

· Track record of designing products for harsh environments (IP rating, vibration, etc)

· Track record of handling orders for prototyping and production level with manufacturers

· Knowledge of marine industry-specific regulations, safety standards, and compliance requirements


We offer you:

· Life & Health Insurance Plan

· A unique opportunity to thrive in one of the pioneering companies in marine industry

· Competitive remuneration package


Equal Opportunities

The Organization is committed to eliminate racism, sexism, and forms of discrimination. The Golden AS will not discriminate on grounds of age, color, disability, ethnic origin, gender, gender reassignment, culture, health status, marital status, social or economic status, nationality or national origins, race, religious beliefs, or non-beliefs, responsibility for dependents, sexuality, trade union membership or hours of work. It is required of all employees to uphold this policy during their employment with the Organization and whilst undertaking their duties.


Health & Safety at Work

You are reminded that, in accordance with the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations and other relevant Health and Safety legislation, you have a duty to take responsible care to avoid injury to yourself and toothers by your work activities, and to co-operate with the organization and others in meeting statutory requirement.



The post holder will maintain confidentiality when dealing with sensitive material and information but will encourage people to be open and raise concerns.


Data Protection

All staff must be aware of the Data Protection Act and the Human Rights Act. The protection of data about individuals is a requirement of the law and if any employee is found to have permitted unauthorized disclosure, the organization and the individual may be prosecuted.


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