November 2022

WIMA – the Worldwide Industrial & Marine Association is a non-profit Business Association of marine oriented companies, founded in 2006. In the years since our establishment, we have managed to successfully introduce a new concept in the maritime market; a network of certified companies with global reach, working together to effectively cover any requirement, in every sector of the shipping industry.

…making it possible for us to service any request pertaining to the maritime sector.

We have managed to steadily and successfully increase our members while maintaining the high standards we represent; WIMA’s company-members number over fifty at this time – all leaders in their fields of expertise.

This alone provides our customers with the benefit of finding the right service at the right time, provided by reliable, certified companies, without having to go through the difficult process of sourcing the right supplier.

We invite you to review our members’ services and welcome you to contact us or any of our members directly with your inquiries.