Battery Banks & Power Boosting

Battery Banks & Power Boosting

ES200 Yacht Energy Storage

Delivering a true dynamic system with bi-directional connectivity

Improved generator
efficiency and emissions

Generators operating outside of their efficiency zones often cause increased fuel
consumption, leading to higher emissions and unexpected maintenance issues.
By introducing Energy Storage, Magnus can maintain the generator operation
inside the efficiency regions, saving time, money and the environment.

Seamless storage
of energy

As the ship’s load fluctuates, excess generator power can be stored by the energy
storage system. Stored energy can then be used when power demand exceeds
that of the generator. Using the energy storage system during peak periods
prevents additional generators from starting. Operating the ship in this configuration
offers significant fuel savings which would otherwise have been lost. Additionally,
maintaining the generator at its nominal load keeps generator

Value and

A proven and reliable power quality platform that provides seamless system
integration and battery control. Autonomous control which includes online
synchronisation and parallel load-sharing with generators, provides seamless
bi-directional transmission of power during operation.

Virtual generator

The Virtual Generator operating mode is unique to the ES200 power electronic platform and mimics the behaviour of a generator. Interfacing the ships generator(s) with a balanced, three phase voltage delivers a true dynamic system with bi-directional connectivity. The benefit of this is a natural connection between the generator(s) and the energy storage system.

In addition, physical inertia is modelled by the system, providing a stable response to the grid frequency. The ES200 Virtual Generator can control its own voltage and frequency, enabling it to create an island grid should a problem occur with the generators or shore supply. In such conditions the ES200 will support the load without disturbance.

The complete

The Magnus ES200 is the entire package and includes the batteries, inverter and energy management system. Charge and discharge flow rates are determined through generator load inputs.

1Generous fuel savings with
reduced emissions

2Permanently online
with power outage

3Safe, reliable and well
proven platform

Energy storage system
daily operation