DC Systems

DC Systems

The design of a boat or yacht electrical system embodies the selection of equipment that as a whole meets the performance objectives and requirements of the vessel operator.

Vessel electrical systems range in complexity from a simple single battery system to relatively complex systems using multiple battery banks with sophisticated AC and DC power distribution arrangements.

Golden A/S will design a sophisticated, redundant system to meet the requirements of the vessel operator. From conventional DC Systems to modern Hybrid distribution systems. Our systems and products are approved by major Classification Societies.

CZone Control &

CZone Control and Monitoring simplifies installation of electrical systems through the replacement of complicated and often cumbersome traditional wiring. CZone is perfect for Marine and Mobile Automotive applications and replaces switch and fuse panels with networked digital switch interfaces providing ultimate control of onboard electrical systems.

With one touch CZone’s intelligent management simplifies operation by combining multiple circuits through Mode selection, offers effortless Monitoring oversight of key systems and components while retaining advanced Control of specific circuits and functions.

CZone can take care of all the little things leaving more time for the user to focus on what they value. Whether you are preparing the boat for the evening’s entertaining, hitting the open road away from stable power, or focusing on getting the job done, let CZone do the thinkng.


Combination Output
Interface (COI) with

The Combination Output Interface (COI) combines multiple input and output devices in to one module, offering a compact and intelligent replacement for traditional DC fuse boxes and circuit breaker panels with digital switching technology.

Mastervolt is a pioneer in digital switching, a proven CANbus technology where a single data cable is used to operate clusters of switches. In large applications, there could be an average of five separate Output Interfaces, each operating dozens of local appliances along with ancillaries such as timers and dimmers. The Combination Output Interface, however, uses just one compact 30-channel unit to provide all the necessary outputs.


Easy installation

The COI is essentially a complete CZone® system in a single, rugged housing, making it a cost effective solution where space and budgets are limited. By using fewer connection points along with industry-standard ‘plug & play’ Deutsch connectors, the COI is very easy to install.

A USB port has been added to improve remote serviceability and allow for easy upgrades, whilst a high power 150-amp unit fields enough energy for modern domestic appliances that may run through the electrical system.


A CZone touchscreen is used to operate the system centrally, and as the ABYC and CE safety authorities require every circuit to have both a fuse and a bypass, this is provided within the COI. Each ATC fuse can be simply withdrawn to isolate a circuit, and pushed into a different position to create a bypass. To aid identification of the individual fuses, an adhesive circuit label is available, which is printed to a customer’s exact requirements. A clear plastic cover protects the fuses, although a large clipping system provides fast access. Red and green LEDs indicate a circuit’s status at a glance.

Partnered with either a dedicated CZone display, or with a multi functional display from one of our industry leading integration partners (B&G, Furuno, Garmin, Lowrance, Simrad), the COI heralds a new era in providing simple, intuitive control over the increasingly complex systems found on today’s applications.


The Combination Output Interface has multiple layers of protection provided by software, hardware and mechanical means for ultimate reliability. The casing is built to the IPX5 water ingress standard. An optional cable cover is available to hide the cable glands.

Other features include high power pump channels to allow manual control, plus ‘pump running’ feedback, from a single channel without the need for additional wiring. In addition, the COI provides six digital switch inputs (wiper, horn, etc.), eight analogue inputs (starter battery, fuel gauge sender, etc.) twelve low current (10 A) outputs (courtesy lights, anchor light, etc.) and four high current (25 A) outputs (bilge and water pumps).

There is also a Combination Output Interface without connectors available for refit or service purposes.



Millennium Series DC Circuit Breaker Panel with Digital Meters, 32SP DC12V

BEP Marine uses the highest quality materials in its range of Control Panels, from the marine grade aluminium base plates to the Airpax magnetic hydraulic circuit breakers.

  • Marine Grade powder coated aluminium
  • Airpax circuit breaker
  • Stylish Contour Design fascia
  • Green LED backlit labels
  • Red LED indicates systems on
  • Panels meet ABYC standards