Lighting Automation

Lighting Automation

Lighting Management Systems

The increasing demand for lighting solutions for more and more energy saving, flexibility and individual customization options has dramatically changed lighting requirements. Having the right light brings a greater sense of well-being, for example, and boosts motivation. Light management systems enable you to implement a diverse range of dynamic lighting solutions in a simple and efficient way – from simple dimming to daylight simulation.

Golden A/S provides individual light management systems (LMS) for many different applications.


lighting automation

Not just series production, although serialization is reductive, six collections and endless combinations make PLH unique today at international level for level and quality of customization. PLH is mainly custom production.

What does it mean custom, though? For us custom does not just mean changing nuances and treatments, but experiencing new finishes, new materials (aluminum, brass, copper, steel, DuPont ™ Corian®, etc.) and new shapes.

PLH realizes tailor-made projects, to marry the aesthetics suggested by the architect, or to dress up and give new images to electronic devices such as room thermostats, bus system components, displays and more.

PLH’s staff from the Technical Research and Development Department cares not only about the aesthetic and installation aspects, but also about all the accessories needed for assembly and proper operation: the frames, supports and boxes that PLH searches if they are already available on the market if they are already available or ad hoc.



Basalte helps you intuitively control your most common functions in a simple and consistent way.

They are precision-machined from high-quality finishes and hand-assembled in Belgium. They blend in with your interior design thanks to their uniform design language.

Yachtica Lighting System

The Alphaplate Collection

The “Plate Collection” project represents an absolute novelty, an innovative unicum of material, technology and design Made in Italy.
That makes available to architects and designers a series of original and customizable marine wall plates. The most advanced technology
blends perfectly with the design to make light control unique in the yachting market.

The different lines have been designed with different materials and shapes to meet the most demanding stylistic requirements of shipyards and designers.
Thanks to the possibility of customizing its button, the wall plate become an important element of furniture.Through them you can activate, in a simple and intuitive way, advanced functions to control
lights and movements on board.

The Alphaplate Collection is made up of three indoor models YPlate, HPlate and KPlate, with compact dimensions, a lot of customization possibilities, high level materials and advanced technical solutions. In addition to the indoor models, we have also an outdoor model in AISI 316 steel, with IP67 front and back protection.


Golden will provide you with any solution compatible to