Lightning Rod

Lightning Rod


ADP (Atmospheric Discharge Protection) System, an integrated charge conveyor which puts Your yacht in safety condition when a lightning storm occurs at sea.

The design of the new lightning rod core, copper made, increase the absorption of lightning dramatically reducing the probability of damages of electric and electronics systems on board. The surface treatment makes the external side resistant to marine environments, extending the life of your system.


The downconductor installation needs following rules:
–Downconductor must follow the most direct path
possible without any bend. In case of necessity the
allowed maximum bend radius is 0.5m
–Downconductor doesn’t need an additional outer
insulation like flexible conduit
–Downconductor laying must be carried out so as to
avoid parallel routing wit h other electric cables. If
this condition is impossible, downconductor has to
be installed at least far from the parallel cables as
the length of the parallel path.

The connection between downconductor and ground plate needs following
rules: The lower termination of the downconductor, that has be connected to
the ground plate, must be ended with a tin plated copper compression lug. The
downconductor shield must be connected at the same compression lug.