Motor Control Centers

Motor Control Centers


eMCC™’s innovative features and configurations have been developed to protect equipment and improve overall safety, adding value and peace of mind to your projects.

eMCC™ offers reliable factory tested wiring, popular network protocols as well as an innovative line up of “intelligent” components. The system delivers an integrated package while reducing acquisition, installation time and commissioning costs. In addition, it empowers users to achieve a new level of versatility and communications supported by industry leading engineering support.

eMCC™ can be custom designed with custom features providing a tailored-fit solution to meet or exceed any project requirements.

PLC and I/O Integration

Factory designed and tested PLC (programmable logic controller) solutions including all inter-wiring of components and testing of control schemes.

Device Support for
Standard Protocols

Device support for the fastest and most widely accepted communication protocols, including Ethernet IP, Modbus TCP, ProfiNet, Modbus and CANOpen.

Tested and
Validated System

Pre-designed communication architectures for multiple communication protocols, tested and validated in Golden A/S labs for reliability, performance, and interoperability.