Remote Controls (Aventics)

Remote Controls (Aventics)
your advantages


  • Design and function custom-configurable
  • On request, drawing approvals and FAT
  • All components meet the requirements of ship classification authorities
  • High availability thanks to serial CAN bus
  • Reduced initial-startup effort thanks to pre-assembly

Flexible functions

The propulsion components can be controlled mechanically, pneumatically, or electrically. The engine speed and pitch can be set independently, or together (combined operation).

Different characteristic curves for speed and propeller pitch as well as defined speed levels can be selected at the press of a button.

Marex OS II CPP technical data

The remote ship control controls the engine speed and pitch of controllable pitch propellers relative to their load, or the jet propulsion. It also actuates PTO and PTI, shaft brake, sailing position (including monitoring by a standby pump).

The components are connected by pre assembled cables and communicate over a serial CAN bus which ensures an extremely reliable control procedure. Information from the safety system can be integrated in the control procedure.

The flexible Marex OS II CPP ship
remote control for controllable
pitch propellers and jet propulsions

Designed for applications in diesel drive engines, this type of Marex OS II control can be found on passenger ships and utility vessels, freight carriers, as well as on motor and sailing yachts of all kinds and sizes to safely and efficiently operate controllable pitch propellers and jet propulsions.

These controls are now also used on ships with diesel-electric and similar propulsion systems.