Shore Power Systems

Shore Power Systems


Atlas Marine Systems has electrical power systems and shore power systems available for almost any yacht or boating need boat owners may come across. From on-board frequency converters and electrical distribution systems, to dockside power converters. Either way, providing a cleaner, more efficient power conversion and power source for your boating activities.

Atlas Marine Systems offers a wide variety of quality marine electrical systems and devices that provide stable output power including frequency converters, shore power systems, switchboards & power management systems; both on-board and shore / marina dockside power equipment and power adapters, for yacht and boating electrical applications. Below you’ll find information on our ShorPOWER® marina shore power converters and TecPOWER® switchboards. Also check out our Design Services for switchboard upgrades to boost performance and custom designs for your unique marine electrical system and marine power needs.

Atlas is committed to providing our customers with service and support of the highest quality, from the sale and installation of the product or electrical system, continuing throughout the life of the equipment. Our yacht power supply systems for yacht owners are known for their outstanding reliability and performance. Should a problem ever occur, experienced customer service technicians are available to perform diagnostic tests and restore proper operation as quickly a possible – typically within 24 hours of a service call.


Dependable Marine Power

Magnus Marine systems are built to deliver dependable marine power wherever you happen to be in the world. Chosen by many of the world’s leading shipyards and luxury yachts, our systems guarantee comfort, convenience and safety.

Every Magnus system is engineered precisely for an individual yacht and it’s power requirements. While we are confident our systems will never let you down, all our products are backed by an exemplary support package which offers you total peace of mind which lasts well beyond purchase and installation.



4C Innovation Automatic Cable Reel enables to wind up to 30 meters of shore power cable, distributing it homogeneously on the reel, avoiding knot dangerous for the system.
The safety of the boat and the crew are guaranteed by the manual connection from the shore power to the electrical system of the boat.
Three security systems guarantee the entirety of the cable, of the socket and the on board electrical system.