Signal Column System

Signal Column System

Signal Column System

In need of modern signal columns but not the associated high engineering and installation costs? With our new signal column, the installation costs can be reduced by up to 80 percent.

According to regulations in the Marine & Offshore one should be notified as soon as a specific (dangerous) situation occurs. This is done with the use of signal columns that provide visual and auditory signals. However, installation costs are significant and often underestimated when installing a signal column system. Thanks to a new user-friendly design and a unique 2-wire system, MarPower is able to reduce installation costs by 80% in addition to space and weight savings. The assembly-friendly design is also easy to configure yourself to any conceivable design.


The 22-SCU replaces the traditional control unit and communicates with the signal columns using a Master-Follower protocol. As a result, the 22-SCU (Master) controls its underlying signal columns (Followers) with only 2 wires of one cable, resulting in cost savings of up to 80%.


The modular system allows any configuration and is designed for easy self-assembly with materials that are fully available from stock. This saves engineering and creating difficult order specifications. Assembly requires no prior knowledge and / or special tools.


A single 22-SCU can control up to 400 signal columns and has an impressive size of just 144mm x 128mm. Due to the compact design, the 22-SCU can be placed in the cabinet where all alarms initially merge; this not only saves a lot of engineering time and money, but also space!

Advantages of the Marpower
Signal Column System

  • Modern, modular and compact design
  • Robust and reliable engineering
  • Installation-friendly; saves up to
    80% installation costs
  • Lloyds and BV-certifi ed
  • Communication by 2-wire-system
  • Fully available from stock in any
  • Self-employed assembly available